Has anyone had experience with both infusions and the nasal spray?

How do the effects differ?

I’ve done infusions and used compounded ketamine nasal spray (different than esketamine (spelling?) nasal spray you do in a dr office). The nasal spray has a much lower bioavailability than iv so the experience is a lot less intense. I tried nasal spray instead of lozenges/troches but the lozenges were easier for me and seem to have a better effect.

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Got it, that makes sense. Thanks for the reply! Did you prefer the lozenges to the infusions?

I had ketamine as an anesthetic after surgery and experienced complete remission of depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation. That effect remained for a few weeks.

I am now trying nasal ketamine (generic, not esketamine) and it helps with depression but the effect isn’t nearly as strong as the IV was for surgery (and it’s certainly a much smaller dose, too).

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