Has anyone here tried Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation?

I recently found out about Cervella, which is a more subtle-looking Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation device. I’m curious if anyone has tried this or other devices, and what you think. What is the sensation like (is it strong, do you notice something)? Did it work for you, or did you have any side effects?



Following. My dr has mentioned this before, but I’m still hoping ketamine is my answer.

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Whoa this is interesting I’ve never seen this before. I’m also curious whether anyone has heard about this. I think I will add a question about this to the AMA for tomorrow


Yes, Alpha-Stim AID for several years, but not in recent months. Helped some with insomnia, not with anxiety or depression that I could tell.

With AID, when turned all the way up, I could feel a buzzing on the earlobes (where the electrodes are placed) and a slight rhythmic sensation - nothing unpleasant.

CES is definitely worth a try, at the time (about five years ago), I looked into the CES Ultra and the Fisher-Wallace, but decided on the Alpha-Stim, partly because of a long track record, used a lot by military and VA. I don’t think Cervella existed at the time.

Good luck!

I did the Fisher Wallace stimulation device for a couple of months. I did it twice a day diligently. It didn’t help at all…I felt some buzzing on my earlobes but nothing significant.

Ive also done neurofeedback where they attach electrodes to the scalp and stimulate them thru a computer program. I think i did 20 sessions. I saw no improvement at all

Are you talking about TMS? I think Ketamine has helped. COVID has been challenging so I went on an antidepressant and now I can’t sleep… I’m thinking about going off of meds. It’s just as bad as how I normally am the side effects make me depressed.