Having a cocktail before an infusion?

Has anyone tried the above??? Jim

Probably not a good idea. My post-infusion instructions specifically state that I’m to avoid alcohol and cannabis the day of an infusion, but mixing alcohol with any drug that’s the strength of ketamine is probably a bad idea in any case. At least it appears so to me. Perhaps one of our med students will chime in.


I second Sojourners response. In addition, my doctor says doing this will reduce the antidepressant effect of K. What I have found makes the experience more intense is fasting from the night before, including fasting water, otherwise the bathroom urge interrupts the trip. Treat it like surgery, no eating or drinking after midnight the day prior. That’s been my best tactic.


Oops…this didn’t send earlier. Thanks Sojourner…actually embarrassed that I even asked the question…I was told NOT to take an any anti-anxiety meds before which I try hard to not even use(clonzepam which I am prescribed), but I’ve heard that some K centers give some anti anxieties meds with the infusion??? Sometimes I don’t know what’s worse Anxiety or Depression :rage:

The anesthesiologist that gives me my infusions says that diazepines reduce the effectiveness of the ketamine, so he recommends that they not be used on the day of an infusion “unless that’s what it takes to get you in the door.”

I have found, however, that I will get no sleep at all after an infusion unless I use one before bed. Which does concern me a little, since I just had to change doctors after that whole pain contract silliness, and there’s a good degree of likelihood that the new doctor won’t provide them. In which case, I’m pretty well up the creek without the proverbial paddle…

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I agree with the other posts, not a good idea.
Thought I should add; My provider suggested avoiding alcohol altogether as it hinders the antidepressant effect of Ket treatments. I have noticed this to be true in my experience over the last 18 months.

My recollection was that it lessened the effect of ketamine.

I never knew this about klonipin. I take a half mg before infusion, and I had no idea that it reduced effectiveness

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This is my first post here but I figured I might as well jump in anywhere. I’ve been taking the lozenges at home for a few months now, and a few times have made the mistake of taking it after I had something to drink. Every single time I regretted it, what I saw was muddy, indistinct and dark, and the physical feeling generally unpleasant. In my experience alcohol completely ruins the effect of ketamine.

One reason for this is you want to have your liver as free from other work as possible before taking ketamine. My local clinic recommends even fasting for 4 hours before for this reason. The prescriber there told me that the metabolic pathway of ketamine involves taking a short pitstop at the liver for some processing before even reaching the brain.

You definitely have the right idea to try to do something to relax a bit first, but meditation will work out a lot better.

Welcome Entropy!!! I think I even read K bypasses the liver. Whatever it does, it works extremely well for us out there!!