How did first booster after initial 6 treatments go?

Hi All,

I’m new here and it’s been interesting hearing of others experiences. I finished my initial 6 IV treatments in mid October. By the first of the year, things were going downhill again but I waited and didn’t get in for my first booster until mid January. So I feel fortunate that I was able to get to two and a half months before needing the booster.

The booster session went well, however when recovering after the session I felt a rather deep sense of disappointment. I did not feel anywhere near the way I did during the initial 6 treatments. Figured I would give it a day or two to see how I felt, but it hasn’t gotten much better.

Has anyone else experienced a let down on your first booster after the initial treatments? Does anyone know why the first 6 would work so well, and the first booster not? Has anyone experienced this, gone back for a second or third booster and had better success than a failed first booster? Am I unique in having this experience? I am now a bit leery about going back for more. It’s a lot of money to pay if I’m not going to get any benefit out of it.

Interested to hear what others have experienced.

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I felt really good throughout my treatment too. The booster didn’t seem to do anything. As a result I went back on my meds. My hope with doing the treatment was that I could get off my meds but apparently that isn’t going to be possible. I’m at about 60% on my meds. I’m on a lot of them. Ability, Serequil, Pristiq, and a few others. My doctor just kept adding meds and adding meds. I’d like to reach at least 80%. I don’t know if that’s possible. But I’m not suicidal and that’s a good thing.

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I have found that not all of my ketamine infusions are the same. There are a lot of factors that influence the experience as we all know. So if you felt disappointed, it may have just been that session. I have had disappointing infusions, but still continue to have great ones. I am not sure; other than the influence of things on your mind, why the experience can be so different, from infusion to infusion. It is fascinating to talk about it. Some medication also can dull the ketamine experience. I hope that helps. Peace and welcome!

One thing that may help is to ask what your dosage is every time you go in and record it. That way, if there’s some kind of change in your experience of the infusion, you can at least look back and see if it correlates with a change in dosage.

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My doctor is very good about talking to me about the dosage every time. I think I need to compliment them for that. We increase my dosage as needed. I’ve been on the same dose for the last two infusions and had incredible results. I think if you look in the osmind app, there is information about our infusion dosage?

Keep working at it and if you feel really bad it’s time to consider getting a booster infusion.

Treveline it sounds like you may need to have your dosage adjusted. I do infusions once a month. Some experiences are better than others. However the after affects of feeling normal, are also a very important aspect of the treatment. It does repair neurons.

Hey Davee!
Not all infusions take you as deep in your mind as you would like to go. I have found the experience to vary. My doctor slightly increased my dose and the results were amazing. I don’t have to do this every time. I have had disappointing infusions as well. Sometimes it just happens. For me if I stay on a once a month I have to deal with very little physical depression ever. That is the miracle in my life. I used to fight that every day of my life. Ketamine therapy has freed me from that nightmare. My doctor at Summit ketamine innovations here in Colorado does consultations. If you need a little help figuring out your ketamine she would be a great resource. Let me know I will be happy to get you the number if you can’t find them. Dr. Sara Coakley
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Thanks SavetheVWBeetle. I think my dosage is where I want it to be. Might increase at a later date if I feel it’s necessary. It wasn’t so much the trip experience itself. That was rather good and comparable to the previous sessions. The problem was when the infusion ended, I did not come out with the same “hopefulness” that I did before. I can say, that after a few days I felt better, but nothing like I had felt during the initial 6 infusions. Maybe I won’t wait as long for a booster next time.

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