How did you decide to try ketamine

I’m curious for anyone here who has tried treatments such as ketamine, TMS, ECT, or anything else: how did you decide to do this? Did you have a psychiatrist or provider who recommended it? Did you decide on your own - and if so how did you know that it’s time? I guess what did you try beforehand until you decided to do it

I must admit I’m a bit intimidated. ECT seems kind of crazy to me since it’s actual seizures. Ketamine and TMS seem much more palatable but diverging from more traditional antidepressants does seem a bit new to me. My psychiatrist thinks I should continue trying antidepressants so adding an augmenting agent to SSRI now. i hate waiting and waiting and waiting and still feeling the same and i’m getting impatient. He seemed to think ketamine was still fringe. TMS seems more mainstream but I looked into it and the schedule is absolutely nuts. Also my psychiatrist doesn’t think I need to try that yet either

any of your experiences would be much appreciated. have a good long weekend everyone

Aviato, I suffered from profound depression for many years. Traditional antidepressant meds simply did not work for me, and I finally flushed the lot. Probably not the smartest thing I’ve ever done, but in my case it was the right choice. I then just lived with it for nearly 20 years, until it got bad again. I heard about LD ketamine infusion therapy, researched it thoroughly, and decided to try it. Since the regular meds didn’t work, I was approved and went through the initial series of six infusions in February. I’ve since had one follow up.

In my case, the improvement was profound, but this therapy is not for everyone. I almost didn’t go back after the first time, because I wasn’t ready for the intensity of the experience. I am however glad I saw it through. The bottom line is that I do recommend LD infusion therapy for drug resistant depression, but know what you’re getting in to. Try to talk openly and frankly with those who have undergone the experience so you’re better prepared than I was. Hope this helps.

Incidentally, my therapist does NOT recommend ECT at all, and that’s putting it mildly.

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Thank you for sharing your story, Sojourner. I am very glad to hear that you have had great improvement :slight_smile:
What is LD?
This is helpful for me, thanks a lot. If/when I decide to go down this route I will reach out and talk to some people to make sure I am ready.
It is also good to hear what your therapist says about ECT - I had been feeling similarly.
Happy Memorial Day to all :relaxed:

LD = low dose, as in ketamine infusion.

what made it too intense to almost return if i may ask?

@Surfsup, it was just a matter of being unprepared. I had read extensively about the infusion experience, but much of it said that I “might feel a little floaty”, or something similar. One description said that their “hands felt big”. It wasn’t long into my first infusion that I found myself in the midst of a full-blown psychedelic experience that I wasn’t ready for. Full disclosure-I came of age in the ‘60s-‘70s, so I had a little exposure to psychedelic experiences which probably helped, but it had been over 40 years prior. “Feeling a little floaty” does not equate to tripping your @** off. .