How did you find osmind?

I’m curious how we all got here on this app. I was sent here as a requirement by my new k dr. Is that how you all ended up here? The investigator in me is now curious how this app came to be and who exactly is on it. Most posts seem to be by patients like me but I’m also seeing some clinics post. I guess I could research on internet but if anyone knows offhand please let me know. Thanks

I, too am here because it’s part of how my clinic tracks my progress/depression scores.

I wonder if our k drs read our posts. I wonder if that’s part of their job or should be. I’m not on FB and usually don’t post on public forums but Maybe writing in here will help. I am convinced that I was only able to quit smoking cigarettes because I was in an online support thing like this that I found. That and the kava kava (when that was legal) helped me get off nicotine. If writing to strangers helps me with my mental issues, I’ll do it (for now …)


I found Osmind while researching the concept of ketamine infusion treatment for depression. I ran across the idea quite accidentally, and the deeper I researched it, the more it appeared to have promise, so I applied for the therapy and was accepted. I never actually had a doctor, though…just had to clear an interview with a psychiatrist. There was no integration or other therapy of any kind, however. I was on my own until I sought out a therapist after my first week of three infusions, and the clinic I went to just started the infusion, dimmed the lights and closed the door until it was over. I’m still pretty much on my own as far as the ketamine goes. It would be nice to have a better idea as to how I can effectively maximize the benefits of the therapy, since this treatment was entirely new to my therapist, although she now has several patients who are using the therapy. We’re kind of learning as we go along.

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My clinic had a different mood tracking app, changed over to this one. No requirement to use it, merely offered as another tool.

I don’t do social media. Not on FB, no desire to be. I still resent being backed into a corner (not insurmountable) into having a cel phone/smart phone, because time clocks, payroll, etc. tends to all be online. I am a Luddite. I don’t like the idea that my appliances think they are smarter than I am (even though they probably are).

Several years ago I was involved with an online forum regarding drinking, and had good success (until it burst out in flame wars). I find this to be quite helpful. Not to say that liking the same band is not any basis for connection, but the fact that we are all here at the invite of our ketamine providers to discuss ketamine makes me feel like there is a little more actual human connection here, not just a popularity score.

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