How helpful is the spray (or troches etc)

Hello fellow ket-tles!

I am wondering how useful anyone has found the ketamine spray. I have used it a couple times and it seems to help a Little bit but it’s not like an infusion (duh).

I’m concerned a lot is just going back down my throat. Maybe I should ask my doc for lozenges / troches?

What do you feel after using one of these? Anything very noticeable or just very subtle?


This may be TMI but I had to stop using the nasal spray nasally and I used it anally, spray it up my butt. It sounds awful and ridiculous but it was the only way I could tolerate it. Otherwise I would go down my throat too and make me gag.


Also to answer your question about the helpfulness of the nasal spray it helped me go for 6 months before a booster infusion. I didn’t do it everyday. And would treat it very much like an infusion, setting an intention and removing any plans for the day. Many clinics don’t want to RX because it is much more affordable and therefore less lucrative for them. I get it because they need to stay in business and also because it’s a huge liability for them to RX something that could be so addictive.

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Hmm. Troches as suppositories. Who’da thunk it. :thinking:

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I’m not sure the troche would be good as a suppository because of all the sugar but I’m hoping they will make a legit suppository for me eventually. They won’t do nasal spray anymore so they want me to try another type of troche. Wish me luck.

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I did a little research on it, and it seems that a suppository is a legitimate route of administration. I’d expect that any pharmacy that can do troches can di suppositories. Good luck on it…

Yes, I’ve found one that could make them. They were a little WTF about it. I don’t enjoy it! Haha. But I do prefer to not puke everywhere after taking my medicine so if this is the way… Haha