How long after your 6 iv treatments did you feel you needed a booster

How long after the initial 6 IV treatments did you feel you were needing a booster.

I had TRD and didn’t start responding to the infusions until later during the initial 6 IV treatments, so I had a 7th infusion 2 days later. I then had a booster every 4 weeks for infusions 8-10, but after only 3 weeks for infusion 11 maybe due to adjusting to shelter in place.

it has been sixteen days since my last Ketamine IV. I had a series of 6 treatments.

i feel i could benefit from another two boosters next week and see how i feel.

Didn’t feel any affect until after the 3rd treatment . Have not felt the need for a ‘booster’ since the 6th treatment a year and a half ago … so far, I feel ‘cured’ … but am always anxious that a relapse can occur at any time …

Six weeks.

4 weeks