I am so fed up with the medical industry

I have no idea what to say anymore except my miserable ket experiences have me distrusting the entire medical field more than I already did. I’ve been put through so much BS in life by doctors (told I had cancer when I didn’t is one of many horrific things doctors have done to me). Now they throw me into this lab rat tank which I think is destroying my brain. My thoughts are jumbled, I feel like total hell, and this feels like a nightmare honestly . Someone tell me how to get off this k trip which hasn’t ended since my last infusion some 4 days ago. I feel emotionally worse and don’t feel like filling out their stupid emotional test score. What’s the point. So they can tell me I need more of this cr@p in my body?? Seriously what is the point when this is making me feel awful. Don’t feel the need to respond. I’m venting because I’m so darn mad at the thousands I’ve spent on k which have gotten me….nowhere but a drained bank account and feeling like hell. At least I used to be able to cry and release emotions. Now I’m just a darn emotional wreck but can’t cry. Thanks, k. You are fcking fabulous! I despise this all right now

You preach it!

You are right on to feel this way…the wasted money kinda tipped the iceberg for me.

Spend wisely as I’ve had horrible experiences with a provider…yet the best with another.

Hang in there and come back to give us an update.

Love and positive energy your way.

Well, You do You. If it just ain’t working, then stop. At some point I have to decide if I just haven’t “given it a chance” versus just beating my head against the wall because it feels so good when I stop.

After working in healthcare for 17 years, and once watching 4 docs argue about whose patient she was, who gets to send the bill, while a woman bled to death (literally), I get it. A pox upon all 4 of them.

I have little faith in the Industry. But that is why I work hard at getting to know my docs, and keeping the good ones. I have 2 f**ked up wrists, mostly my own fault, but when I complained to the doc at the time, “Well, of course it hurts, you sprained it.” Had she done the additional x-rays that I requested at the time, it might not have made any difference (a break that is notorious for non-union), but it took another 1 1/2 year to get another diagnosis and have it fused (try playing guitar with 1 bone in your wrist instead of the 5 that everyone is born with).

There are good docs out there. Lots of them. Many of them have the same gripes about The System. And many of them are stuck in the system, same as the rest of us. I once worked with someone who was an M.D., working as a room-service server in assisted living, because they had gotten disgusted with the system and having a “pill factory” partner. And was much happier for it.

I can forgive many mistakes. Hell, I have made my fair share of them, maybe more than my fair share. If I choose to receive care in a new-ish field, I don’t expect perfection. But I won’t accept any god complex. If they tell me up front what the situation is, I weigh the plus and minus and make a decision. If it doesn’t work out the way I thought it should, so be it. I’ll do my best to learn from the experience. I was informed. If they try to feed me some BS rather than to say “just cuz I’m a doc doesn’t mean I’m god”, I’m done with them.

What is the difference between God and a surgeon? God doesn’t think He is a surgeon.


I do what research I can understand and ask lots of questions.

How else you gonna find out?

The problem in my area is lack of providers. I drove 3 hours to the prior place I had infusions last year (that doc totally messed up the entire ket experience…I wrote about it already elsewhere). Now we have one new provider in town and I’m patient number 30 or so of his. When asked him what a troche was he immediately dismissed it and said he doesn’t do that - without further explanation. I see the god complex but unless I find another provider in some other town hours away, I have no option. When they know they are the only game in town and have the god complex it’s that much worse. I have no idea if I’ll continue. Thanks for the stories on the bad doctors, etc. helps me feel less upset in a small way to know I’m not alone

And when I reached someone at the current k office yesterday and told them how awful I feel, they said I was given too much with 2 infusions in 2 days but then pushed the blame back on me and said I “told them I had a high tolerance”. What??? No all I told them was the level the last dr put me at (a year ago)which made me “sleep” and knocked me out. I am not a k dr but now it’s my fault somehow they “overdosed” me??? I hate this!!! And they just get away with it because they can???