I’m a patient, and a musician - I’ve created a Spotify music playlist I think you’ll enjoy

Ive been posting this on Reddit r/therapeuticketamine for a while now, but just discovered this forum. I’ve got 2 different playlists as described below.

This is a passion project of mine and I’m continually adding and improving on it.

Project K on Spotify

None of these should have vocals. I’m a musician and I’ve listened to each of these tracks during treatment and they are “ketamine-tested and approved” :heavy_check_mark: Generally, I try to include tracks that are not only soothing, but brain tickling too.

I recommend selecting the ‘Binaural Beats (Beta Waves)’ or ‘Sit Around The Fire’ at the top of the playlist as your first song to prime your brain a bit. Once you start fading, just hit play and shuffle the songs. Headphones are a necessity.

Make sure you have Spotify Premium so there aren’t any ads, and in the Playback settings, the cross fade is set to the max. So far, there’s a collection of about 16hrs of music.

#2 curated playlist - I think this is a great intro for newbies

I do have something for those that want a straightforward curated playlist especially for when you’re at the clinic (do not shuffle), that’s about 1.5hrs long and finishes with a guided meditation. With this one, put your headphones on as soon as you sit down to get into the zone. Feedback is welcomed.

Patient X on Spotify



Hi, @sazzer82. If you do a search on “music” you’ll find several threads that may interest you. In any case, welcome.

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Thank you for these. I just used the first one and it was the best playlist I’ve listened to yet. I didn’t get through it, so probably will pick up where I left off next time.

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@sazzer82 Wow, thank you for putting these playlist together, Sazzer. Music is very important to my experience and is also incredibly important to my process of returning and integrating the session. Appreciate you taking the time to share!