I wonder if anybody has found that they have the energy on a daily basis to interact with life

Just trying to communicate. How does the Basel spray help people with depression? I’ve used it 1 time and feel about a 3

Over 3 years and no on daily energy. I’ve been dealt a shitty hand in life because when I think it’s ok? Another brick falls on my head.

I work but have no energy for anything else

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I BBC would like to know if people feel some effect from the Basel spray cat

Wow. That sounds discouraging. I’ve had 7 infusions. The most recent yesterday. I’m 81 and in good health yet have had depression never the mild kind. I’m still on a shitload of meds that don’t come cheap. Most of all I want to want to have energy to do something

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I haven’t used nasal spray but for infusions I started to feel better after 3 or 4. But felt in remission for infusions 13 and 14. I am starting to dip again and waited too long for booster.

First look at your meds do they interfere? Benzodiazepines are big culprit. I was on 2 and didn’t know till half way through they interfere. Once I stopped those ketamine was able to do its thing. I was suicidal for past 4years and now I am not. I hope the energy comes back. But make sure you aren’t using anything that could interfere with Ketamine. I think it takes a bit longer for some of us but don’t give up bc I am 100% better now.

Don’t be discouraged. One of the bricks is my son dying & a long term relationship ending.

I refuse meds any longer. They don’t help, just add side affects.

Keep your hopes up. We are all different. 81? That’s awesome! I know a tough 81 though. I honestly don’t care to live that long.

The one year anniversary of my son’s death is next week. I’m having an infusion on that day to try and get me through it. Honestly? I’d rather just go to sleep and be with my son.

I don’t feel comfortable with prescribing for myself. I know that I take a lot of meds including benzodiazepines, like 300 Wellbutrin. My prescriber does not want me to change any meds until I know how these infusions are working. It’s a real dilemma because I don’t have financial backing.

I had my last infusion on Thursday. Friday was okay and Sat a struggle and Sunday didn’t do much. Really disappointing.

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My heart goes out to you. Loss is so difficult.

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Keep fighting. I just couldn’t deal with medicine side affects. Twitches, dry mouth & some would send me into a manic mode wanting to pull my hair out.

FWIW, benzodiazepines are known to impede the effectiveness of ketamine.

Should I just stop taking them benzodiazepines?. I put a call into Dr Hansen. I’m lost I would sure like some guidance


I wouldn’t. As the guy who gave me my infusions put it, just don’t use them on the same day you’re getting an infusion “unless that what it takes to get you in the door.” Afterwards is not a problem, as far as I can tell.


Work with your main doctor that prescribes the benzodiazepines. I take Hydroxyzine to sleep instead now and the Ketamine has worked better. Like the experience isn’t blocked.

I saw a few of your posts, and I just felt compelled, I felt I had to say something. I know that noone can offer you comfort, and when I put myself in the place of imagining how it would feel to lose one of my girls (they are 7 and 2) I am so humbled and awestruck of your courageousness. Not only to work to find a new reason to continue with life, but in your frank honesty and vulnerability. I think I would probably end my life if I lost them. My heart and spirit ache for you. I just hope that you are aware, your sharing on this forum truly inspires me… and I wish you so many blessings along your healing journey.

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Thanks for response. I’m not on any benzodiazepines. I still want to to escape life. It’s just so anxiety provoking.

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I have little to no energy on a daily basis. I know how that feels. There’s no rhyme or reason for it either. Do these ketamine treatments help at all with energy levels?


@Lilang4876 the cause is depression then yes, I’d say it definitely can help with that significantly. A huge help.

Notice I said help, not cure. Using my own experience as an example, one of my greatest challenges in dealing with depression has been accomplishing what I need and want to accomplish… while feeling like I’m wading through knee deep mud with no real drive to do so.

Ketamine treatment definitely has moderated my depression symptoms so the “mud” is mostly gone. But it doesn’t change the fact that I have a high pressure career that is exhausting - and that is something I have to learn to fix or at least improve. I still struggle with burnout. No amount of ketamine can alter that underlying issue.

So yes - it can help a LOT! I am so grateful for treatment and the relief it has brought. Totally worth it. But I think it’s important to be realistic about causes and outcomes. :blush:


@Shepherdess You described that perfectly. I am in that same position.


Yes, I have severe clinical depression. I’m not expecting a cure at all, but anything that can help would be a big help for me. My house is always dirty, for example, bc I don’t have the energy, nor the drive or desire to clean. I just need a little help.