IM experience was a little intense

Hello everyone. I recently had an IM injection. This was the second Ket session in two weeks. I am supposed to have my third next week, and getting the lozenges tomorrow.

The IM injection was extremely intense. Like melding with time and space. I lost all memory of my body, and was wondering for a good portion of the session if what I was experiencing would be my reality forever. Like I had broken my mind or something. Slowly it subsided and I became aware of my surroundings again. Immediately after the session I felt great. Like I had faced something very difficult, and came out the other side. That feeling stayed for the next day at work, but then Saturday and Sunday became very challenging. A lot of stuff I thought I had dealt with came flooding back, and it was a little overwhelming. I’m unsure if I should proceed with the third session or not.

I was wondering if folks here could offer any advice? Have you experienced some low/very low days after an IM? Did you press on with the treatments?

Honestly, I felt like I died during the treatment, and then began to vibrate physically. And, I know this sounds incredible, but it felt like some sort of force or energy was pouring into me at times. Communicating with me or something along those lines. Really not sure what to make of it.

Keen to hear from others.

Hi JFrancis,
I had felt that way also in two of my sessions and literally thought is this death, am I dying? It’s so peaceful…the my mind moves on to something else. However, because I’m in the medical field it comforts me in the state of that mind to know that the body is an amazing machine and will do everything it can to make/help you survive and what we are given isn’t strong enough to overdose us (allergic reaction is possible yes), but just remind yourself your mind is just working through the chemical. I have noticed that every treatment is different and never the same experience (your mind brings up the most random things), but be cautious of what you watch or listen to the day or two before because your mind tends to use that as a playing field (I watched mountain search and rescues in the French Alps on YouTube and my mind went to helping the people trapped and it being cold, and how to save them etc. Definitely did not do that again- ha ha). So watch or listen to something uplifting! I have also learned that what you listen to during treatment has effects as well. I listened to Lindsey Stirling (most have no words and they are uplifting electric violin pieces) for 2 treatments and those were my best treatments (4-5)!! I didn’t listen to her on my 6th because I was in the mood for something else and that treatment I cried and cried but it was mostly to due to where my mind was the days before it. I do like some of the ketamine Playlist on spotify.

Anyway, I get what you are thinking about treatment as I have been there but keep going. Go to your 3rd one, listen to different music, and enjoy the fact that your brain is trying to heal and sort traumas. Hope that helps!!

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Your words are encouraging for sure. Thank you. While the experience was jarring, it has helped reframe a number of things for me. Perhaps it is best to proceed with the final session and then the lozenges. Better to face the fear and explore than to avoid it all, I gather.

Thank you again.

If you aren’t comfortable doing it then don’t. I just don’t want you to have start all over if down the road you start to realize it really helped.
But remember you are in the hands of professionals and not out at the club doing ketamine where who knows what’s really in. But to be honest I have 0 idea how people do it in a club because my body can’t even move when I’m doing a treatment :woman_facepalming:t3::rofl: But you know what is best for you, but keep choicest yourself and wellbeing!!

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Some people like the outer body feeling some don’t. You could eat a couple hours before but not right before and/or tell them the feeling was high and to slow down the drip. Same dose just a longer period of time. IMO I would finish the series. Good luck!