In between infusions

What are you doing to maintain in between each infusion? I feel like I would benefit more if I could get an infusion once a week.

Have you asked about using lozenge (sublingual dissolving Ketamine) at home in between infusion sessions?

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Deb, I have not heard of that. I will have to ask my provider and see! Thanks for the response:)

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Yes I would be better off once a week. I simply can’t afford it. I feel behind the 8 ball with once a month and the nasel spray. I got a treatment on Thursday, today is Saturday and I’m so tired. Just to feel good!

Ok. I’m glad someone is feeling the same as me atleast. Once a month is good. I go about every 6 weeks just because of the price and have a anti depressant to keep me level but I still have my bad days for sure. Thanks for your response Flemming.