Informal Groups

Are there any in-person meetings among members of Osmind?

I am certainly getting benefit just from being here virtually. I am a dinosaur, this is my only social media, I don’t do any of the others. Happy enough that way.

But, is anyone getting together for coffee, watching ducks in the park, whatever, and chatting in person about any of this? Or is anyone interested?

I don’t want to push anyone into revealing their hiding place (so to speak, I certainly hide in plain sight, or try to fairly often) if they don’t feel comfortable. I have spoken of one friend (non-Osmind), but it would be nice to engage with a group of people with bad skin, thinning hair and bad teeth (like me, more or less) in addition to the smaller world granted by the internet.

I’ll stick my neck out. Just in case I haven’t totally outed myself with my constant reposting the link about my guys, I’ll keep it a bit vague and ask, "Is anyone else in Utah? If so, are you interested in ketamine rap sessions? I’m not much interested in setting up traditions or commitments (other than mutual respect and freedom of expression), just like-minded individuals throwing ideas into the circle and seeing what comes of it.


Unfortunately, I think you’ll find that this bunch is spread out over the country fairly thinly. Yes, I believe that it would be constructive to meet with others who can share common experiences, but it seems unlikely. There are several people that I would choose to have coffee or lunch with in a New York Minute.


It may sound strange but there’s something to be said also for a bit of distance. There is more a feeling of safety and freedom. Once you know someone in person it changes the dynamic. I have the highest regard for all of you - and would cheerfully share a beverage of choice - but prefer this virtual world for now.


It’s certainly safer, @Shepherdess. Many of us are feeling a little vulnerable or we wouldn’t be here.


I think we all feel equal in this forum and we all share a bit of the real us. Many times have I seen postings on here about how most of us really aren’t ourselves in the real world because of that fear of being labeled. Sadly, I also think most of us would love to enjoy company of other fellow sufferers in person for that in person contact, but only if we could have this same safe space. I personally would like to meet others from here as well if they happen to be in the Atlanta area. It’s pretty obvious that a few of us are several hundred miles away from each other lol.


Someone needs to come up with a “Depression convention”, that way we can all meet once a year and put a face to the written words.
Is that a sad idea? :face_with_monocle:



I am in Utah and would love to meet for espresso, breakfast, lunch, etc. I’m in Draper. I think it would be neat to compare notes about our ketamine experiences.

Cool! I’m in SLC. I have a new roof being put on and a booster session at the clinic coming up, so give me a week or two. But I will keep in touch to get together. I love what the treatments do for me, but I am still confused (not hard to do) about some of the para-ketamine experience.

There is a lot to be said about being anonymous, but I’m sick and tired of having Therapists and Psychiatrists that do not understand Ketamine. I am extremely lucky to have the providers I have. They are all Anesthesiologists and very familiar with the use and affects of Ketamine. They are very spiritual people and know the journey you are taking to heal yourself. For 2 years I felt to be a lab rat in Ketamine. Sure it kept me alive, but that was it. I’m extremely lucky to have found my providers or I would not be here. When my son died? I wanted to crawl into that coffin and stay there. I wanted to die with my son. Now during my treatments I want to breathe for my son and myself. I want to do this for my son, who suffered and was in pain for 20 years.

Until you have walked in our shoes, no one can understand. There are a lot of Ketamine providers that just hook you up and send you on your way. I think that this is only the beginning of sharing our pain with others that suffer along with us. I think Group meetings would be highly beneficial. A condition of that would be everyone has tried Ketamine, including Therapists. I won’t go to a provider that has no idea what the true power of Psychedelics has on healing.

ADVANCE WELLNESS AND PAIN in Scottsdale, AZ you are the best!

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I’m also in the salt lake area and would be interested in a meetup.

So far so good. My new roof is on. I had to be rescheduled, so I get a booster tomorrow.

So, Salt Lakers, where might be a good central location to meet? I don’t get out to Draper, but I could probably find my way. I’m not quite in So. SL. Meeting for breakfast/lunch might be tricky for me, as I am insanely gluten intolerant, so there aren’t many places that I go (it sucks to be afraid of your food), but there are some here closer to downtown.

As far as “when” goes, my usual days off are Sat. through Mon. (I work 4 10 hour days) and I am off the whole week after next.

If everyone is OK with it, I might invite my non-Osmind ketamine friend as well.