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For those who may be interested in another information resource on ketamine, the Ketamine Advocacy Network offers a wealth of resources ranging from general information to scientific articles. It also offers some reasons why ketamine infusions for major depression may be (predictably) opposed by various entities. This (along with Osmind, of course) is a pretty good website to start learning for someone considering ketamine infusions.

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Thank you so much for sharing this with us! So much useful information although it looks like the forum has been inundated with bots haha

Not being much of a tech head, I wouldn’t know a bot if it bit me. If there’s a problem, I would ask that the moderators delete this thread. Please.

Oh sorry for the confusion! I meant the forum in the ketamine advocacy network forum

Thanks for sharing @Sojourner. I took a look and it does seem like some of the messages a bit weird on that forum
On KAN I kept seeing repeated posts of this – not sure if true or not, but several accounts seem to be posting it as spam repeatedly. There are also some other spammy posts.

Good resource regardless!

It seems evident that someone has an axe to grind, probably due to the reasons laid out at that website for opposition to ketamine usage for depression. I wonder if an email to the webmaster is in order.