Infusion effecting eyesight the next day?

Just had a booster infusion yesterday. Normally the disorientation goes away and after 20 min or so I’m able to focus my eyes properly.

This time, I’m having trouble focusing my eyes on things close-up, like my phone or a book. Has this happened to anyone else?

Yes! I’ve had this too. Not every time, but a few times in the beginning. It made my work at a computer all day really challenging, to say the least. I haven’t had it since my first three or four infusions. (Now with 7 completed).

Anybody having memory issues? I find I have a lot of this and it hasn’t resolved. I don’t know if it’s the ketamine or just my brain so busy working on other stuff that it doesn’t want to tell me where my car keys are.

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Ok good to know that it’ll hopefully go away… and my dr’s office does periodic cognitive testing. You should flag it to your office and ask them to send you one to keep track of it as you go along.

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@littlevoice nah, in my case that’s just part of the joy of being a peri-menopausal middle aged woman!

I do know that there is serious, unusually vigorous eye movement during treatments and your eyes can feel sore. I have also felt cognitive effects temporarily, but frankly I feel like it is hard to peg that on ketamine, since depression causes very definite changes as evident on functional MRI. I’m banking on full recovery and then some!


Related question—do you have aphantasia? I’m usually not able to picture things very well in my head, but during the infusion my brain really does try. Must be why the eyes are sore :upside_down_face: