Infusion Effectiveness for Anxiety

Hi everyone,

I’ve been undergoing ketamine infusions for treatment resistant anxiety that had begun manifesting as severe depression.

I’m four infusions in and it’s been up and down, but overall my depression has improved significantly. My anxiety, however, has been as bad as ever.

I’ve been off work for almost three months, and the anxiety was the original reason I had to do so. I really need to get back soon, and I was hoping ketamine would provide some relief/resilience. I was told at my clinic that anxiety takes longer to treat, and I might not see a benefit until my entire 6 loading treatments are done.

Has anyone had success using ketamine for their anxiety? My dosage is fairly low 40mg/70kg male, and I have to do it over 90 minutes, because I dissociate very, very hard on even this dose.

Sorry for the long rambling, and I’m excited to be a part of this community.

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In addition to my ketamine therapy I am using Xanax and CBD to combat anxiety. I think as you become less depressed you become more aware of your anxiety. I honestly believe this is part of the process. I have anxiety also.