Intermittent fasting

Has anyone here done intermittent fasting? It is known to increase BDNF in the brain which is what I’ve read that the Ketamine does as well. Doing both together would double the effectiveness I would think.

Yes, I do intermittent fasting on a very regular basis (does that make it regular fasting?). I physically feel much better eating only one or two low carb meals a day. But whether it’s beneficial to my mental health is harder to discern. It keeps my blood sugar much more stable (prone to hypoglycemia). Which does affect my mental state.

I usually fast 18 hours or more before an infusion. I feel it makes a significant difference compared to when I’ve only done the minimum 4-6 hours.


Thanks for replying. I did my first session yesterday in a fasted state (21 hours)and so far so good. Plus no problems with nausea which the CRNA seemed concerned about.

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