Hi, today I had my last 2 hour infusion out of my initial 6 sessions. Most of it went beyond wonderful, but my playlist got interrupted and went silent at probably the best place I’ve been in all of them at the peak and I think I may have been in ego death, something I dreamed of happening. I opened my eyes to make the playlist start back up after touching all the wrong buttons and it switching me to a lecture, what I saw was disconcerting and I couldn’t get back to where I was and I couldn’t get my play list to start back and I got a headache. All I could say was something went wrong. I was so mad at myself because I’m still learning tools like next time, I will go on airplane mode and have all the playlist downloaded and maybe put the phone far away from me so I won’t be able to access it to mess up the icons. I went home and slept 3 hours and when I woke up I remember the two things that really upset me because I couldn’t understand how they were in MY consciousness. A relative that knows my history immediately recognized a different connection when I mentioned the words and immediately I realized it was all worth it. Maybe we need to make a list of things to do that have helped us and make a toolbox of recommendations for future experiences and new clients? Anybody else have a session interrupted, suggestions of what to do so I can hang with it in the future better?

That sounds rough, but I’m glad you feel it was worth it. Sometimes things become clearer when we get another perspective.
I do just what you said - airplane mode and have the playlist downloaded. I do leave my phone in my hand so that I can adjust the volume easily, though.