Is there a comprehensive list of Ketamine Clinics?

I think this would be useful for a few reasons. The first two I can think of are vacation/travel and if you are considering moving to another area. If there isn’t one, can/should we start a pinned post here and build one?

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I looked into this because of COVID. I would have had to go through the intake process all over again rather than do a simple temporary transfer of care. Go figure.

It’s a great point. Might be worth asking the provider if they have reciprocity anywhere or could submit info, so it would be possible to get infusion when away.

Great call! You guys can always ask me and we can help match you with a good provider on Osmind


Is there a way to private message you @Lucia

Moving to Whitefish, MT. Any clinics there?

No, there isn’t a central list of providers who use ketamine for patients.

An internet search might prove helpful. Plenty of websites, forums, etc. My search resulted in dozens and dozens of results. A few were not in business any longer. Even using a map app pulled up nearby providers.

@kdean I go to Ketamine Clinic of Spokane. It’s not ideal in terms of distance but it would potentially be workable. Everything is a drive when you live in MT!

Kalispell or Missoula might offer something - Missoula being a college town there is a better chance.