Is there anyone dealing with APD?

I have apd, and I wanna get help for it, but I don’t know where to start.

Hi Dahkari, I am not a mental health professional but have you thought about therapy before? Or even some sort of digital program? There are some options (see below) out there that are decently cheap right now. I’d recommend starting one of these programs - either self-directed or with a therapist/coach over the app or a one time consultation on the app - since it’s a pretty low-pressure way to start talking about your experiences with someone else. In my own experience I’ve always felt doing something over the phone helped get me ready to be able to seek help and be honest with my therapist who I later found in-person. Since on an app, it’s easier to talk openly and not fear embarrassment or judgment, and to get used to the entire care model. Best of luck :pray:


For psychiatrists:
Doctor on Demand

@Dahkari I’m not as familiar with APD but just wanted to say that hope you can find the support you need and taking that first step is a big one :slight_smile:

Hey @Dahkari,

I think it’s great that you are reaching out and looking for help. If you are willing to share, I am curious to know how you were diagnosed and if you have tried anything in the past.