It’s working

I’ve completed just three IV infusions and I’m happy to report every single facet of my life is improved. Mood, motivation, gratitude, relationships- everything that used to suck has done a 180. I wish everyone who is suffering had access to this literal miracle treatment. I understand it doesn’t work for everyone but I am eternally grateful it’s worked so well for me.


Wow! So great to hear! What is the best medicine for depression by far! It is helped me more than anything I have used other than cannabis. Without cannabis I would not have survived prior to ketamine.


It has been a miracle for me as well! It makes it so much easier to be yourself. The self you want to be!


I feel the same way, Mememe, except I had a bad slump yesterday. Come to find out I was getting sick with a throat/laryngitis thing. Sometimes I do get confused as to whether I am getting sick or have a bad depression returning.

Not happy I am sick but I would rather that than where I was prior to infusions.


I hope you feel better soon! Load up on vitamins :slight_smile:

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Good old vitamin C! Give yourself some extra!