Ketamine boosters?

It’s been 3 months since my last infusion and I was doing great but I’m super depressed and anxiety ridden again. I contacted the Dr for a booster and he said I need to do the 6 in a row again?
I thought you just went back and did one infusion for a booster. 6 is so expensive.
What is other people’s experience with boosters ??
Thank you all for being here

I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but I did the initial six with boosters about every three months for a total of about ten so far. I can’t imagine having to do the initial series again after only three months. YMMV…

I think it would be totally reasonable to tell your doctor you only want to do one session for now, and then see how you do for a couple weeks rather than committing to another 6 right away. There is no reason for you to do more treatments than you are comfortable with!


Yes, I think I will do that. I’m glad I have you guys because I wouldn’t know what others have done and probably would have felt like I had to do 6 again.
I appreciate the responses so much.

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