Ketamine for CRPS?

I am curious if there are others using this platform to discuss how they reacted to ketamine with CRPS? Seems most here are mainly depression related. Would love to hear how others with CRPS are doing with the regiment. Thanks.

Yes. I completed 8 days of ketamine (3hours each) almost two weeks ago for my CRPS. I have great improvement! I have overdone a few times. When I used to say my pain was 6-7, I was always lying, no one believed me. I was between an 8-10+ for years. Now I can honestly say a 2-3 daily!
I am so thankful to Dr.’s Garrett and Waggener for they’re guidance, patience and true desire to help.

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That is so great! I totally get under scoring on a pain scale. People just don’t get it and think we are exaggerating. But like you I always gave lower score or argued that giving my pain scale rating didn’t really matter because what I call a 2 is someone else’s 10.

I am very grateful for ketamine as well. This is the best I have felt in 30 years and that is will getting my second covid vaccine yesterday. I don’t think I would of handled the aches and pains of it well if the CRPS was at its “normal”.

I go back and forth between a treatment for depression and a pain treatment. My pain treatments are 4 hours long and they work great! The drs and nurse practitioner where I go are great and very caring. I drive 4 1/2 hours each way to get my treatments.

Solid to heat they work great for you. I have had 6 infusions to day and as of the 4th one I have not had any significant CRPS pain. I have several spine issues causing low back pain that travels into my legs, mostly left which is same side that is most effected by CRPS.

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