Ketamine plus MBSR

Hello all,

I’m new here, just started my ketamine infusions last Friday. The timing has worked out such that I’ve also just started a nine week course on Mindfulness-Based Stress Relief in the last week.

Have other people tried combining these treatments? Anyone else using meditation techniques during your ketamine experiences or in-between?

These two feel like a pretty good fit. The ketamine to reprogram my brain to focus on being happy instead of sad. The MBSR to help me improve awareness and processing of my emotions.

I’ve spent too many years living inside my own head, avoiding things that make me feel anxious and over-reacting to every little bump in the road. I’m ready for some changes!


Awesome!!! Amazing how the universe gifts perfect timing.

Sounds like you are ready for change. Step up and make your move…your post has inspired me to start back meditation and mindfulness… hours upon hours trained (I should have a bachelors degree in it) but when the depression gets to THAT point, all the training in the world doesn’t help.

But it does get me in between infusions. I’m going to that UPW in a few weeks…that I’m Not Your Guru documentary one Netflix…that guy. I’m hoping to recharge.

Do you have a favorite youtube channel or author/researcher you like?

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Thanks for the kind response Grace,

In the pre-COVID days I used to sporadically attend the Tara Brach’s meditation group, the Insight Meditation Community of Washington. In addition to Tara, the group has a deep bench of teachers, and connections to speakers from around the country. Their YouTube Channel is here:

But this is my first time really leaning in to build a daily meditation practice. Hopefully I can keep my intention to practice this evening, once the kids are asleep.

Got my third ketamine treatment today. It was a great experience, once again.

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Hi again CAM, I’m just seeing this post now. I’ve been practicing meditation/mindfulness/yoga for 15 years now. It’s a GREAT thing you are doing for yourself, combining this with the ketamine. Having a long-term meditation/mindfulness practice has been a complete game changer for me. You are going to feel like a completely new human when you get through all of this work. You will also be creating really wonderful new habits for yourself. Bravo! :sparkling_heart: