Looking for more info on troches

I’ve seen mentioned that some here have access to ketamine troches.
Does anyone have a list of states where these are prescribed/available?
Does your ketamine clinic prescribe them or a dr.?
How does the experience of taking one compare to an infusion session?


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Hi, I have them. I am in nyc and the anesthesiologist at the K klinic prescribed them after I kept needing infusions every week and a half or so, which wasn’t financially viable long term.

I’m dosed at 55mg for IV. My troches r 50mg. But the doctor explained that absorption is only half that of an infusion so u aren’t actually getting the full dose. It’s a mild trip. I can also cut them up so if my day is busy, I take a quarter of a troche and it’s like a glass of wine.

Summit Ketamine Innovations here in Colorado prescribes my troches. I use a compounding pharmacy 30 min away from home to fill my script. Until I found ITC compounding pharmacy I had to go out of state. Some pharmacies charge you more than others.