Looking to interview patients about their experiences with ketamine treatment

Hey all, this is Margaret from Osmind! I’m looking to conduct some interviews with patients who have participated in some kind of ketamine treatment – we would love to be able to share the experiences of people who have been recipients of such treatments. If you’re interested in being interviewed, please contact me, and I’ll provide you with more information!


I am interested

Hi - me too. Keen to take part

I’d be willing.

If the interview can be done without revealing my name/identity, then yes.

I’m interested. I had a great experience with infusions, and I’d love to pass on what I can in the hope that it will help someone else.

A bit late to the game, but I’d be down.

I just finished iv 6 treatments 2 weeks ago. If you are still looking I would love to help.

I’d be down with talking about it. It’s been amazing

Hi, I just found this thread! I’m interested. Ketamine has been life-changing and should be a first line treatment for PTSD and TRD.

Hello I’m interested if you still need for information

I’m interested

I would be willing

I have had 8 treatments and am going in for another IM injection today. I like to set my intentions as soon as I book my next appointments… it helps me go to those places that are often hidden in my mind. It’s helped my anxiety because of going there in an almost mindless way… depression is still what I fight with but for now I will keep at it

Hi Margaret,
I am new to the community as my new provider just got involved with Osmind. If you are still looking for interviewees, I am interested.

Margaret, I’m definitely interested in being interviewed!

I am about to receive my 4th of 5 treatments showing great efficacy in both mental and physical relief with chronic lower spine involvement. F age 44.
I would be interested in sharing my experience with treatment

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Ketamine works. I would love to be interviewed and help other people!

My experience has been a bit different then what I have read from others but I am willing to share.

I am willing.