I did the initial 6 infusions and did not make a difference. Experiencing mental and physical symptoms for past 7 years yet to get a clear cut diagnosis. Even did tms no improvement. Been told it’s autoimmune, Lyme, I beleive it’s medicine damage from 18 years of psych meds. Seeing a holistic psychiatrist now who wants me to use lozenges and use as a therapeutic session every 2 nights. Anyone have success with lozenges?

Hi Professor69,
At what dose was your infusions…I’ve read that anything below .5/50mg is the minimum where one will get some relief from from K and that the lozenges kind of just helps between infusions. But that’s just what I’ve read and we all have different outcomes from Ketamine, but the infusions seem to have the most profound effect. But, don’t give up trying different methods…I really like what K has done for me but also interested in the results from Psilocybin treatments.


Hi Wint- I’m not sure exactly but they went by the usual protocol each session in fact increasing each time. My psychiatrist is a holistic psychiatrist and using the lozenges with me as a tool to go into reflection and meditation while at home. He tells me it’s my only option in treating depression right now and it repairs the brains synopsis and neural networks. I was also interested in trying psilocybin as potential treatment. I was going to sign up for a trial study but they canceled because of Covid. Thank for the input

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Oregon actually legalized Psilocybin last month, but like Ketamine will be used in an Dr’s office setting, but not for another 2 years…:roll_eyes:


Meh… when on Oregon, GYO! :wink: