Can anyone recommend a good flavor for the lozenges? I have been avoiding using them because the taste causes a gag reflex. I know I would benefit from this home treatment but the thought of vomiting or getting sick from it keeps me from doing it. I have sucked on other lozenges at the same time, altoids, in hopes that it would mask the flavor. But it doesn’t. Open to all suggestions. Thank you.

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Hello-mine are mint. Very strong. The lady at the compounding pharmacy said that covers the salt taste. It’s strong mint flavor, but I don’t taste any salt. I get nauseous quite easily and it doesn’t make me sick. Good luck to you!

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Thank you. I will ask the pharmacy next time

Mine r usually cherry or grape.

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Cherry seems best


I heard this is a generally new form of treatment. Right now I go into a MD office and use a a nasal spray - called Spravato. It is so expensive, and we drive 100 miles round trip.

May I ask if this sublingual form is covered by insurance, and is this method less expensive since you don’t have to pay for 2 hours of being monitored?

I do hope it is helping you. Anything hog can share is much appreciated.

I am having trouble with the gag reflex of the lozenge. My doc had me put the lozenge in a teaspoon of honey. It helps a lot.