I debated for some time about sharing this, since putting one of your works out on the internet is a little like laying your soul out on a cutting board for anyone to take a slice of that might care to. I’ve come to believe, however, that there is more potential benefit to someone, somehow, who struggles to put words to this dark place in which they find themselves than risk for my fragile ego. Perhaps this will help. I wrote this something over 20 years ago, at a time when I was a fairly prolific poet. It was the first time I found myself wrestling with this demon and I own the copyright, so I have the right to share it. This is Maelstrom.


Maelstrom of madness, phantasm of fear,
Woe to the wayfarer wandering here!
Lost in this labyrinth, fated to find
That this prison’s impregnable, made by the mind.

Deliciously deadly, this poisonous place
Engulfs like a lover’s impassioned embrace.
Seduction insidious, the will slowly wanes,
Caught in a quagmire of pleasurable pain.

Struggle soon ceases as spirit succumbs
To this sweet soporific that slays as it numbs;
By a dreamlike deception of being bereft,
Embraced by oblivion, dancing with Death.

© 2000


I find it regretfully and delightfully accurate to my own self. Thank you for sharing.


Beautifully written! I’m sure there are so many people who can identify with every word. I know I do. Thank you for sharing!


Oh @Sojourner, what a powerful poem. I am so moved. Spoken from the soul of a poet. Your words say it all. Thank you for sharing this! :heart:


Thank you for sharing. So beautifully put and can relate.


Not that I have much experience, and certainly no success with such things, but I think I will try to come up with a tune for this.

Beats the hell out of an early attempt (1 of maybe, 3?) at songwriting…“I’ll call you means ‘Goodbye’/I love you means ‘F**k off and die’”. Or maybe it was the other way around…35 years ago.


That is really, really something. Every word of it. Very appreciative of you putting it / yourself out there.

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That wraps it up in an amazingly beautiful, sad, honest way. Thank you for sharing