Medical marijuana and Ketamine

Does medical marijuana and Ketamine effect one another? Has anyone had experience with the two? I’m scared I’ll mess up my infusions and troches if I use in between. Thank you for any advice or anyone who has had experience with the 2.

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I have very good luck with ketamine and cannabis. Cannabis is a very safe drug. I think it complements my ketamine therapy. I am only basing this on my own empirical evidence. Big hugs, because I’m not a doctor!

It is my hope to someday have them be the only drugs I am taking. I would love to eliminate my other prescription medication. I have a medical card. Again I hope this helps.

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Thank you much for your input based on your experience. I was actually able to go off off all my medications. Right now just Ketamine infusions and Ketamine troches in between. However, about 3 weeks, I start to decline. I have many difficulties on other medications, but I may need something else. Really dislike this thought, I’m very intolerant to so many medications or they just make me feel like crap! Thank you again for your feedback!


I smoke every single day and have had no negative effects. I usually don’t smoke the day I go in, but I have multiple times and it doesn’t seem to change anything.

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Three weeks of normalcy is a pretty good result and it will get better if you continue.

So awesome that you were able to eliminate other medications!