Meditation during infusions

Here is a long version of one of my favorite meditations. The music that they use, and Bob’s voice seems to really take me deep on my journey! Please check it out and let me know what you think!

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You use this during infusions?

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This; or one of many Bob Proctor meditations. I find them comforting, and just what I need to hear when I’m having an infusion. If I wasn’t doing a meditation, I certainly would listen to some kind of music I enjoy.

I use a mantra, because deep meditation (for me) just gets in the way (I’m in my own head too much and it defeats the Ketamine).

So, a mantra. A simple phrase or a single word representing what I need to work on. My last mantra was “Agoraphobia”. I keep a voice recorder handy. If some insights come my way (which they do), I then record a few words as a reminder, then I can begin to Integrate the insights.

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That’s fantastic! We are all a little different. That would be a way to keep a super focus infusion! I enjoy meditation because it is helping me with my childhood trauma. I needed reprogramming. Bob Proctor says things that I need to hear.