Mental Health Clinics "hiding" MDD diagnoses?

So I’ve recently come across a strange phenomenon where my usual mental health clinic (NOT where I receive ketamine treatments, but where I still get psychotherapy, etc) will avoid recording their patients MDD diagnoses even when other facilities have established the presence of major depressive disorders… Now that everything is remote and online, I can see my records and the records of the hospitals I’ve been in as well…and this pattern is really causing me great discomfort…

My clinic has all my diagnoses there EXCEPT MDD! Even tho I was first diagnosed with it 5 years ago by a prominent well known hospital and I communicated that, as well as the ketamine clinic diagnosis in October when I started treatment there.

I was shocked when my psychiatrist mentioned the Spravato ppl had come to the clinic to try to start up that program and whatever ppl making decisions rejected the program on the basis that there weren’t “enough patients who would qualify for that treatment at the time”… This prompted me to look at my digital records where I noticed the one diagnosis that would have qualified me was consistently left out all these years! Of course if u search the system for MDD patients u won’t find us if none of u r logging our MDD diagnosis!

They should have logged it 5 years ago when Montefiore made the diagnosis, they should have been logging it this whole time since I’m so obvious, and especially should have logged it after I said I started ketamine treatments and got the diagnosis there as well!

Has anyone else noticed this phenomenon?? Check your electronic records and tell me, please. If our correct diagnoses aren’t being logged, how are we to qualify for advanced depression treatments, regardless of type!?

This is a disturbing and dangerous pattern and I have a feeling it’s happening in multiple facilities as I discussed with my mother who has worked as a psych nurse and she said she has seen it before and many times they don’t document it to “avoid being sued” in case “things don’t go well” for that patient :scream::scream::scream::scream::scream:

Basically what happens is when patients get really bad, my clinic sends them to the hospital… But that could be avoided if patients with MDD r referred for advanced depression treatments, not HIDDEN!!! But it’s even crazier if we r diagnosed at the hospital as MDD and they don’t record the diagnosis the hospital made!!! This is insanity!!!

Can anyone else check their digital records and see if this has been happening to them?

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It also occurred to me that the recent work that @Lucia and the Osmind team are doing to get Medicare to cover ketamine isn’t going to matter as much if regular mental health clinics aren’t even logging our proper diagnoses :crying_cat_face: It will mean that lifesaving referrals for ketamine treatments won’t be made for patients who really need them! Especially since it’s obvious referrals weren’t being made for other treatments like ECT either…