Mindbloom/My Ketamine Home experiences?

Hi all. I’m new to the community. I’m seeking information and input from anyone who has tried any of the at home oral Ketamine programs. Cost is a barrier that is precluding in-office infusion or IM treatments. I am seeking relief from a lifetime of treatment resistant depression, anxiety, and PTSD. I’ve been diagnosed by several practitioners as having treatment resistant depression. I battle suicidal ideation most days. I want to try one of the at home programs but would really appreciate any feedback from others who have tried it.
I’m in the SF Bay Area so would also welcome any advice or resources that perhaps I haven’t found yet for more affordable in-office treatments that some of you who are local may know about.

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I’m using mindbloom right now! it’s definitely a lot more affordable than infusions for me at the moment. Would I say it’s perfect? No, but I feel like the practictioners involved are pretty genuine.

I also live in California! the closest appointments for a consult were like months away. I’m not sure if that’s still the case or if that’s the case for myketaminehome.

I have to go tend to something, but i have so much to share so i’ll follow up later! But tl;dr: mindbloom isn’t a scam (which i was worried and hesitant about for the longest time lol)

Hi: you might want to contact CIT Clinics. They have a financial assistance fund. Offices are in SF, Corte Madera and Vacaville. I had an initial session with them and found them to be caring, competent and compassionate. Good luck. My experience of life is a lot like yours sounds to be. I know how hard it is. Especially right now, at least foe me. ‘Tis the season to be lonely.

Thanks for your reply rabbit. I look forward to all of your input.

Thank you for the suggestion Kara. I really appreciate it. I will definitely look them up.

I hope it works out. I don’t Have any details about the financial aid but I can’t say enough good things about the treatment team.

I started with IM clinic visits for about a year, then learned that my guys do troche Rx for home use, and started with them last summer.

Check my “Attn. Vets” post. There is some treatment/financial info there.

I am learning that troches are not “Injection Jr.”. But, they do seem to be a pretty effective sub for the classic after work cocktail. Having said that, I usually take them when I go to bed. I have been told that the medicine works whether or not I am paying attention/conscious or not. I still want to experiment more with lower dosing (partial troches) earlier in the day. My work schedule doesn’t help.

(ok so i finally have time haha)

so this is the perspective of someone who’s only halfway through the mindbloom treatment cycle.

I would say that if you have insurance and you can find a cool psychiatrist within your insurance that’s willing to prescribe you troches, that’s basically the holy grail and definitely better than hitting near $200 a session.

that being said, the price makes sense considering that i’ve never felt rushed during consulting with my psychiatrist or my guide. (+ your first session your guide is present for the start and end.)

the barrier of entry felt pretty low, like they didn’t grill me on whether i’ve taken fifty different medications or not. which feels somewhat sketchy, but also feels…convenient? validating? like if i don’t have to have gone through an obstacle course of treatments.

with the first three treatments, I’ve felt like I’ve basically i’ve learned how to actually have a meaningful experience. I’ve gone into them sort of rushed and while the experiences themselves have overall been insightful, I feel like it’s definitely been a “what I give is what I get”

which is hard if you don’t have a certain set of circumstances! like trouble finding several hours to really dedicate to yourself. not just for the session and the journalling thereafter, but also for preparing yourself mentally to address whatever is going on internally.

anyway! even with an “imperfect” set/setting (haha) i feel like i went from “being stuck and ruminating all-day that i’m horrible for months” to “not stuck and still sort of ruminating, but with more breaks”.

i’m optimistic about the next three sessions, but I’m very much understanding that it’s not going to be a cure-all.

it’s more like, it’s easier to go to the things that bring me joy and meaning, whereas before it was a lot harder and a lot more wrapped up in guilt. i thankfully was not at a point where feeling joy was completely inaccessible when i started the ketamine, but i was slipping in that direction and it has helped me recenter myself and remind myself that I don’t have to suffer that way again.

hopefully this gives you some insight!

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