Music for psilocibin

Does anyone have recommendations for playlists for psilocibin home experience? It has been recommended that the music can have voices but best especially for the earlier part of the journey, no words.


If you can divulge where the psilocybin home experience is legal, I’d be indebted to you…


Here are a couple of playlists that are scientifically-approved. They were used during the clinical research studies with psilocybin.

There are also plenty of playlists available on Spotify and YouTube, or you can also feel free to use the above as inspiration and create your own.


I have found some great meditations on YouTube that help to augment the ketamine infusion! It is a very important part of the experience! Especially important for the infusion. I have found with the troches seem to be helpful as long as you relax. I don’t always listen to music when I do a troche.

I would imagine since Psilocybin is a powerful medication or drug it is just as important to have a direction that you were going. For me music or guided meditation is what I enjoy. It is interesting when you have time fragmentation during meditation. For those of you that have done mushrooms in this medical setting are you getting the same results that we are with ketamine? Several years ago Vice channel had a documentary about a man using magic mushrooms to treat this horrible disease. He hated the trip but it gave him normalcy in his life for 1 to 2 months. Really interesting.