Music or no music during infusions?

Normally I don’t listen to music. I like quiet. But I’ve read and been told by prior k dr that music is somehow good. I’ve never had an infusion in silence but am planning to today just for change. And there is no music I really like that much. Comments?? Does music during infusion really matter?

Music during an infusion, especially through noise cancelling headphones which create a sound deprecation aside from the music, completely changes the experience. It envelopes you and creates a true sensory experience. I tried without and now, I only do it with music and an eye cover for darkness. Makes for the best experiences.

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@Lovebeach I agree that music is a huge part of the experience. Everyone has their own preference. I personally prefer very vague instrumentals, especially binaural music. One that has been very effective for me is Hemi-Sync’s Journey to the Center of Your Heart. I also like Liquid Mind - made a Spotify playlist for that :

I have a binaural playlist I’ve been working on as well:

There is a long thread on this exact topic if you do a search under “music “. :blush:

Oh - also - a lot of us love the Mindfold masks for infusions.

Omg I just listened to that it’s beautiful!! I need to fall to sleep to this but can’t figure out how to download. I’m awful with phone tech stuff How do I save that music??

On Spotify you should be able to save to your favorites by touching the heart symbol. Next to the heart symbol (on my phone’s Spotify app) there is a circle with a downward facing arrow for downloading. I listen to Liquid Mind for sleep a lot. That artist has albums dedicated to basically sleep music. And there are binaural playlists (search under binaural) for sleep, stress relief, etc. I find them very soothing. I need to be soothed!

If you don’t have the Spotify app already- you will probably want to download it. I think you can get a full- access trial free for 3 months.

I just downloaded and am listening to something else now. It’s so calming. I had no idea music could be so calming and change me

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It didn’t say it cost anything when I got the app. Maybe I have some sample version and I don’t realize it.

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I’d be a little cautious using the free Spotify app during an infusion. I had it on my iPad, and it wouldn’t allow downloading, only streaming. That in itself isn’t a huge deal, but it would inject these raucous advertisements of things I would never even consider listening to, sometimes at inopportune times. I finally deleted the app.

Those issues don’t exist with the paid version as I understand it, but if I’m going to pay for a streaming service it won’t be Spotify.

Apple Music has good playlists that they curate for different moods. The chill category has some good choices. No ads.

Just had another infusion yesterday (# 14) and listened to a favorite- “Marconi union - weightless “ the ten hour version and you won’t run out of music with that one unless the phone is disrupted. I used a weighted mask for the first time and had the ket increased and it was a very intense session with definite disassociation. Probably one of the best if not the best feeling of freedom I’ve experienced during an infusion. The complete darkness and music is a must to get that deep into disassociation, at least for me. Usually it takes a couple of days for mood change to set in but it seems today has been a good day all day. I highly recommend soothing and constant binaural or meditative music.

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