I haven’t tried either genre - my provider recommends avoiding spoken / sung verses in languages I can understand. I would guess that’s because the lyrics can influence the experience.

They recommended some 1-3 hour long tracks on YouTube that are non-English vocals (I speak English), flutes, ambient sort of music. Those seem to work fine for me. My personal preference is to listen to a playlist of 3-4 min long non-lyrical music that is relaxing. That way I get a change of pace every few minutes throughout the journey, and none of the songs stress me out or make me think of anything in particular.

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I listen to 90’s and early-00’s trip hop. It does influence my experience to some extent, but mostly the beat and tune and not so much the lyrics. It really depends on the experience you want. Some like the new-age/spa type music or meditation music because they focus on mantras and changing thing deep within themselves. They see the experience as spiritual. I see the treatment as clinical (I.e. therapeutic, but not to change myself spiritually) and the experience is just the sort of gravy on top. The chemicals in the mind do all the work.

Long story short, try it and see how it goes. Good luck.

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