Nausea after infusions?

Does anyone else get nausea after the infusions? I have been getting the boosters for a year now, and never had any nausea until the past few months. What would cause it all of a sudden? Can anyone relate or offer advice?

If you are eating or drinking anything before it could cause nausea. I try to get my infusions and troches first thing in the morning.

EVERYTHING has remained consistent. Why would nausea pop up and get progressively worse over 3-4 months, when it has been non-existent for a year?

Also, do you do ok for the rest of the day when taking the troches in the morning? They usually make me sleepy.

I make my own schedule. So if I do it in the morning like today I just take the whole day off, if I can. They make me tired too, but if I take them at night I can’t sleep. I can’t always take them in the morning, so I try not to ever take them past 5pm.

My therapist told me to start doing a bullet journal where you write down your behaviors, diet, and exercise for the day. You may want to start writing down when you take them, if you had some anxiety about anything, if you ate or drank anything, to see if there is a common denominator. They say not to drink anything 2 hours before and not to eat anything 4 hours before.

What is your routine?

I clear my head before I take one and make sure my phone is on do not disturb. I have a playlist that I made on Spotify that I listen to. I let it dissolve and keep it in my mouth for about 15 minutes after it’s dissolved, then slowly swallow not all at once. It eases you into it. I listen to music for about 2 hours or more. I have read it only lasts an hour, but not for me. It’s weird the troches aren’t as deep a trip, but last longer than IV. In my infusions I go super deep into my consciousness, but when I come back I’m way more with it than I am with the troches. If you are only doing an hour, try laying down for a longer period of time. See if that helps. I hope you figure it out.

I don’t get nausea with the Troches, only with the booster infusions. (The worst time I actually threw up, and that was after they gave me the Zoloft in the beginning!)

I take the Troches usually after dinner, maybe 3 hours before bed (while laying in a hot bath for the first part of it. The hot water and blood vessel dilation seem to make them a little more intense.)

Sometimes I don’t sleep well those nights, but sometimes I sleep great lol.

How often do you take them?

I take troches twice a week. Once a month infusions. I would try doing troches after you are totally done with your bath. If I’m bothered by outside sound, interruptions, going to the bathroom, etc I feel I don’t fully get the effect of the Ketamine and instead of relaxing me I actually feel a little amped. I have gotten nauseous if I don’t totally let go for at least two hours listening to music. I searched Ketamine playlists on Spotify and made my own. I actually had trouble with infusions and troches, going down a bad path in my head. I found one called Ketamine initiation on Spotify. It has 844 likes. It helped me ease into it and stay in a meditative state longer. I’ve gotten bored with some of it and added songs to make my own. I put them in order of where I felt my peak would be and start with something chill. The Ketamine initiation is like that as well. I recommend trying it even though it may not be your kind of music. It wasn’t mine, but it really helped me.

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Thank you for that Spotify song list. I am going to use that during my next infusion Wednesday! :smiley:

Great! You can check out mine if you like as well. Mine are Ketamine voyage and My Ketamine playlist. If you ever get to a “bad place” Hang Duo by Wodhom should get you out. I don’t see how you could go to a bad place with that song. It’s like a Carribean beach vacation. I recommend noise cancelling air pods or ear buds as well. Tell anyone you live with to not bother you for two hours. If you have dogs or cats make sure they aren’t in the room with you. Sometimes I get so deep in my consciousness it’s amazing. I’m trying to flip the script of how I think. In my Every day mind I go down all these negative paths and all these potential negative doom and gloom scenarios. I’ve realized if my mind is capable of all those negative scenarios it also has to be capable of the opposite. That was my last epiphany on Ketamine. I’m working with therapy to try to make that possible. It’s the first time I truly Understood the glass is half empty or half full statement. I mean I understood what it meant, but what I didn’t comprehend is that we can make ourselves the glass is half full. I never thought I could be that. Now I do, I just need to get there. Just being able to think you can be a positive thinker I think is a huge step. At least for me. I’m kind of worrying, doom and gloom, anxiety, the sky is falling, lower expectations, etc. Let me know how it goes. The other thing I try to do, is no matter what unless you are having a bad trip just don’t open your eyes or change the song, just ride the music. I feel like Ketamine is like surfing. (I don’t surf FYI) every 7th wave is the biggest. On Ketamine you are trying to let go and find the music and let it take you where it wants to take you. Sometimes you never hit the wave and I come out still anxious and a little amped. Sometimes I catch it but it’s not a huge one. Then other times I get lost in my mine and go on a voyage through my self conscious. That’s where my random thoughts pop up of things that have or are bothering me, but I’ve stuffed them deep down to try to forget or move on. I write notes afterwards to talk to my therapist. I hope this helps. Even if the music is weird go with it. The first two on Ketamine initiation sound like that have a Native American type vibe. It eases you into it. I was seriously not liking Ketamine until I found that playlist. Let me know how it goes! I’m curious to see what you think.


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How did your infusion go yesterday?

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Great. The Spotify was different on my app than on my computer so I didn’t get to listen to those :frowning: But was great overall!
When is your next infusion? What dose do you get? (mg/kg)

I get 100mg IV. I have 100 mg troches for home. I take 1-2.

How about you? I’ve heard some people get more than 100mg, but I have an issue with my blood pressure when I take it so I don’t think they want to increase it.

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But what is that dose based on milligram per kilogram body weight?

And you take 1 to 2 troches per week or at a time?

But what is that dose based on milligram per kilogram body weight?

And you take 1 to 2 troches per week or at a time?

Either or. Sometimes I take 1 100 mg, but sometimes if I have a lot on my mind 1 doesn’t do it. The doctor said I cab take two. It’s based on weight. I am 6’ 2 245lbs. I’m supposed to do it twice a week. I’ve been trying to stay on a scheduled, but with vacation and work it’s been difficult. How about you?

I have 150 mg troches.

So for the infusions you get about .9 mg per kilogram dose?

Yeah approximately. Is that what it should be or should it be higher? I wish I had 150’s. I feel like 1 is not enough, but sometimes two is too much and other times two seems like one. It’s never the same. How about you? Is it always about the same? I feel like setting, anxiety of the day, time of day, if you ate or not, how depressed you are, all kind of factor into it for me. It’s almost never the same. Sometimes it’s really good and stuff comes up that I’m not consciously thinking about, sometimes it’s bad and I just ride it out, and sometimes it’s indifferent. I feel all times help in one way or another but when I have a really good one and go deep into my subconscious I feel a weight lifted even if it’s just temporary. When it’s bad I normally come out a little anxious and a little amped.

For infusions, .5 to 1 mg per kilogram is the best/recommended dose.

Have you tried cutting your troches in half? So then you could take 150 mg.

But yes the same with me – it’s never the same. Sometimes I really feel it and other times I hardly feel it at all.

I always do it at the same time, usually after dinner. You should try doing your troches in a HOT bath. It seems to intensify it for me. Have you tried that before?

No, we have a hot tub. I had thought about it, but it’s one of the inflatable ones and wouldn’t stay hot long enough.

You don’t have a bathtub? A HOT shower would also work I suppose, though not as relaxing as sitting down. You could always take the troche, and then just stand in a very HOT shower briefly, and then just finish your trip as you normally would.