Need Advise on Ketamine Groups! Please Help!

I’m told the next step is that in 2 weeks I will have a video appointment with the Ketamine Therapist that I’ve been working with during my infusions, to see how I’m doing. I have had a small bit of improvement with this treatment, but I’m not sure I would say it was a true success. I’ve been suffering for years with very strong med-resistant depression, hope I can say this on this forum (sorry If I wasn’t suppose to), but I’ve also tried to end my life in a car accident in October out of desperation to end this god-awful feeling in my chest THAT WILL NOT GO AWAY!!! Ketamine took away the desperation of those thoughts, but nothing else. They are still there, but I feel more in control. I guess.

But here is what I need to know from this forum. I got an email from the office who does my ketamine, about a ketamine group to join that meets once a week for $20 a session. I’ve been wanting, during this whole infusion, to connect with others in a group setting, and ON A REAL LEVEL, about their experiences with ketamine. Not thinking to ask the office, I’ve been Googling my request. Could not find anything that sounded legitimate (my earlier expression about it needing to be/feel like real support-they kinda didn’t). I want the good and the bad of this treatment. Looking on forums, such as these are great, for other patients, I can very clearly see that, but for me it feels like information overload. So for those who have taken advantage of said groups, does your experience make you believe, with the information I’ve provided, that it(a ketamine group, not a ketamine forum) would be a better fit for my needs , and not a waste of my $20 a week??? Any information would be so truly appreciated. Thank you in advance. :heart:

I’m skeptical of any groups that want $ but I think I would at least give it a try because I believe that the support of others who have a general understanding of this journey could possibly give a little more strength to endure during the rougher times

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