Nervous about first treatment tomorrow

Any advise for someone new to Ket?

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Hi, MM. it would help to know exactly what your first treatment is…an infusion? Relax, don’t fight it. Hold an anchor in your mind…what has worked well for me is to simply hold the thought that I am love, as in divine love radiation. Love thy self…


Thank you for the advise. Yeah first infusion tomorrow. I’ve read a little good and a little bad so not sure what to think. I have high expectations and so hope it works


Hey there. I did my first one a little less than two weeks back. I was very nervous, too. Once it kicked in, I just let it take me wherever it wanted me to go. I think letting go is a key feature if the mystical element takes hold.

I also found meditating for 20 minutes or so before I went into the office helped.

I hope you did well.

May you be free of suffering.


Hey MM!

How did it go??

Sorry, i just saw this. My only advice would have been to try to relax and enjoy. I really enjoy my ket infusions!

One thing I do try not to do is eat too close to the infusion. I do get nausea with other things in my life and I found I can no longer drink vodka (I used to have one on the weekends). Not a big loss, lol.

They do give me a zofran just before the infusion and I’ve not had any problems w nausea.

Oh, and have a good playlist on your phone (or other device) and headphones, earbuds etc :wink:

@Juliawww Wait. You can’t drink vodka ever? looks at vodka cocktail next to my arm so… my bright idea of how to chill out before my first infusion tomorrow wasn’t so bright? How am I already doing this wrong?

@MMiller My first is tomorrow as well. I wasn’t nervous until the doctor said “psychotherapy” would be taking place during the drip. I’m less scared of the drug, more scared of talking about things with a stranger that I’ve been keeping buried for years. Yes, I know it’s part of healing- but that’s intimidating! Use the word “chat” or something. Sheesh.

Don’t worry The therapist is only there to guide you. I find that my mental walls fell during treatment so it is easier to resolve issues that have been with me for over 30 years. Relax everything will go fine. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Ur Fine…That was my thought too!!! That was my idea too, but it is strongly advised against.

How so?

Not sure…assuming it can affect ur Blood Pressure.

You’re probably okay. You just shouldn’t intake any alcohol the day of an infusion, at least according to the clinic I go to. But they say the same about cannabis, and I’ve seen several posts about people using it afterwards or even during with good results , so who knows? I think it’s safe to say avoid the booze the day of, in any case.


I’ve found that once I started infusions, even the occasional drink didn’t sit well with me. So, I just abstain. Not a big deal for me.
Fasting with water the day of infusion, and sometimes the night before gives me the best effect. I stop water at least two hours before the infusion. Also, I advocate for myself. If I need help to get through, I ask for it. Most times I don’t need anything, but it’s comforting to know they’re on top of things.
Wishing you peace and comfort
Hope this helps.


I’m definitely not going to complain about a forced purge- I don’t struggle with alcoholism, but it does run in my family and I have picked up a bottle more frequently than usual at home since the pandemic started. I think last night was mostly nerves about today’s infusion. Rethinking, it’s probably way better to just avoid it at this point bc if I’m spending so much money to start feeling better, why not give a clean slate a go? Thanks for the help everyone.

So how did it go for you, MSSIF?

I’d hate sharing a room with a stranger during an infusion. My wife came in the first one I had. It was weird and we have a 49 year history. Find a different place.