New treatment facility [I'm New Here]

40 treatments at the old facility compared to the new facility. I’m on my 3 treatment. The difference is leading. I can’t believe the difference in inexperience. The last place took place in a dentist’s office, with poor lighting, IV drip, and horrible equipment. No music and one doctor compared to three.

Welcome Drew…have they changed your dosage from what u were on?

Yes, by a large percentage. I’ve already made one massive step in my life

Most excellent, Drew. Welcome…it’s a good crew here. Your new clinic looks like some nice digs to get an infusion.

I notice that you’re getting your infusion in your hand. They started out doing it that way with me as well, but before my third infusion I told them that the ketamine was causing a burning sensation in my hand that I found distracting so they changed it to the crook of my elbow. Problem solved, with the added benefit that it came on faster and hit harder. :grin:

OK…it was my hand too…changing to elbow area​:rofl::rofl:

Wow, really?? Sounds interesting :laughing: