Psychedelic counseling

Do any of you works with a specific counselor that’s familiar with psychedelics or ketamine. And do you find it helpful? And how soon after your infusion do you meet with that counselor? Thanks in advance for your response

@Alyjeffer I participate in KAP. My therapist who is trained in psychedelic therapy is with me the entire time. We begin to process as soon as I am coming back. She is a calm presents for me as experience the Ketamine journey. There is no pressure, we start to simple talk about the trip, any visions, feelings… Sometimes I do not have much to say and she helps me integrate the feelings and what I remember. I then follow up with her a least once a week. For me, the work I do with the therapist is critical.

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Thank you for responding. I’m trying to find someone for after the infusion. I want to make sure it was worth the investment.

Does the clinic where you get your infusion have any recommendations?