Rapid ketamine treatments

Has anyone here done the rapid restore ketamine where they give you it for 3 days in a row with some magnesium and other stuff in it that makes it last longer? Then you take a supplement for one month then do 1 infusion at 3, 6, 9 months and supposed to be able to go forever or very long before needing more

wow i’ve never heard of this, have you tried it? what’s it like

I’ve never heard of that kind of treatment. Sounds interesting. Please report back if you go forward with it.

I’ve heard of protocols with a bunch of infusions several days in a row and anecdotally heard they work well, but have not heard anything about magnesium or other things. Ketamine is a well-characterized medication on its own and I would personally be a bit sketched out by any sort of “proprietary” blend or “wellness” cocktail of things added to the ketamine. From the things I’ve read that seems a bit shaky to me but i’m not a scientist. This seems to address this a bit - New patient guide for ketamine, part 2