? re. ket working and then not

Hi there. I first started using Ketamine about a year ago and had a great effect - within 24 hours of the first 60 mcg infusion my depression was gone. Then, it came back at about 90 days later but did 2 more session and got the same positive effect within 24 hours (first 2 of doses were infusions of 60 mcg, the 3rd was 200mcg lozenge). This 4th time – I did a bit larger dose – infusion of 100mcg – and no effect at all.

Has anyone had this experience? where it was working and then not? I’m curious to hear advice about next steps… Thanks for any help!!

Yes, I’ve had the experience of having almost no effect from the ketamine. I thought it was eating before sessions. I haven’t figured it out.

Does that mean you’ve done it since and got the same positive effect? If so, that makes me feel hopeful and I’ll definitely make sure I have an empty stomach before the treatment. Thanks for replying :slight_smile:

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