Reaching out to those who might be interested in a group treatment

So through my course of treatment I have notice many things. I have noticed that part of my anxiety spawns from a feeling of disconnect from other people. Feeling it hard to connect with others because I feel so disconnected from myself. I have also noticed when receiving treatment I feel powerful and in control of everything. I feel capable of doing anything I sent my osmind to😉. I was wondering if there’s anyone around me that would be interested in a group treatment. Comfortable setting, all receiving treatment and focused on one thing - mending one of us that seems to be having the hardest time. I am being treated for anxiety but part of the reason I feel so anxious (especially when interacting with other) is because I feel so disconnected. I think it would be an additional help to the treatment to bring a group together all receiving treatment with one main goal during that session - help the most struggling person in that session. Just a thought. I’m not even sure my clinic would allow it but I think it would help me to be a part of a group helping the treatment to possibly be more effective.

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Ketamine SLC Salt Lake City utah

Being alone in a State that is a terrible place for me has caused me to be so lonely and isolated.
I would live to meet people and discuss what is happening in our lives.
Drawback:. I live in Idaho…I go to Salt lake City Utah for treatment.

My apologies.

Thankfully we have this community to do just that. I consider Salt Lake my home town. I pretty much grew up there and lived between Salt Lake and Park City until my early 30’s and now I’m in AZ. I don’t really know anyone here except my wife and I have found osmind really comforting and uplifting knowing that I can talk and vent to people sharing this experience. Welcome! I think you’re going to like it here.

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If we can find a few more people of a similar mindset perhaps we can find a clinic willing to host said session. I think it would be very therapeutic and help a lot of people in a lot of different ways each with their own personal growth from the session. I will keep reaching out through different social media apps in hopes we can set up a session, and yes welcome to the osmind family.:slightly_smiling_face:

Rafael, if you’re going through a hard time may I recommend something. Next session you have rather than binaural beats or whatever you listen to during you’re treatment listen to Alexander: Powerthoughts meditation club I’ve found it to be very helpful if I’m feeling powerless or hopeless.