Regular medical doctor freaked out about my ketamine

I’m traumatized right now from having gone to my usual medical center to get a neurologist referral and when I spoke to the doctor handling the walk ins that day (not my usual PCP), he was normal up till he asked about any condition I have and meds I’m on. When I said ketamine for depression, he immediately started dismissing anything else I had to say, wrote in my referrals and medical records a bunch of false things and seems he tried to make me look like a drug addict even tho I showed him the lozenge box with the prescription data on it. I’m horrified, humiliated, and now trying to do damage control so when I do see the neurologist, I have paperwork showing I’m on ketamine for depression and it’s not some lie because I’m “addicted to ketamine”. I’m angry my medical documents now hove a bunch of lies in them and that I was stigmatized and my medication stigmatized like this. It makes me less inclined to trust another walk in doctor, and I’m unlikely to seek care now unless I wait the long time for my PCP appointments…

Has this ever happened to anyone else? Do u avoid telling your regular medical ppl that u r on ketamine to avoid such abusive demeaning behaviors from care providers? Anyone have any advice as to what I can do about false statements in my medical record? This has me feeling super low. I’ll be at infusion tomorrow, tho, so I’m sure I’ll be ok if I can just get thru today.


His ignorance of the legitimate applications of ketamine is not your problem. I would:

  1. Demand to see your medical records to find out exactly what he put in there.
  2. If it’s as you suspect, file a formal complaint with the provider organization.

Oh I have the records. I saw the things he wrote. It’s a twisting of the truth and some of it is blatant lies too. Smh. I went online to file the complaint but haven’t heard back yet. Is this going to be a routine thing? Do I have to start acting like my treatment is some kind of secret?

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So ignorant I can’t stand some of these drs. I wouldn’t be seeking ketamine treatment if they didn’t mess me up with overprescribing psych meds. Stand your ground don’t let any dr. make you feel inferior because of their ignorance. You got this girl!


The medical people I’ve discussed my ketamine experiences with have been intrigued and supportive, I’m sorry you had such a poor experience with that doctor. I’ve been pushing myself to be open about it (within reason), I think it would be better if more people were aware how helpful it can be with otherwise treatment-resistent depression and how quickly it can alleviate suicidal ideation.


I usually always answer honestly when I go for medical treatment, whether it’s just a physical or any other thing. But this experience has me pretty traumatized and I’m debating leaving ketamine out of future encounters with doctors, even if that ends up being to my own detriment later, because I’m simply tired of ppl constantly traumatizing me and will do anything to keep myself stable. The ketamine works. But ppl doing things to me make it harder for the medicine effect to stick and then I end up requiring more frequent treatment, which costs so much. I wish every one who keeps doing abusive things to me would get charged for each resulting infusion…

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I here your concerns KetKat and know where your coming from. I was in Johns Hopkins hospital about 6 months ago, one of the so-called best hospitals in the country, & they did not even seem to be the slightest bit interested in how a ketamine nasal spray was really helping to supplement my treatment for depression. Their response was to recommend either ect (which I have no desire to try again), or try Spravato treatment they were just beginning to work with.

I may be thinking a little cynical, but I think there is a prejudicial view by the established mental health treatment community towards any treatments with generic ketamine because their is less money to be made for them. Most doctor’s recommend Spravato because you have to go to the doctor’s office for the treatment. And I was just told by another ptofessional that they have concerns over ketamine abuse (I guess a few bad apples spoil it for the masses). It will take a big push to get generic ketamine approved for depression by the fda because no big pharm. companies will fund the necessary studies until there’s money to be made (that’s a problem with our health care system/regulation).

But there’s alot of us who are being helped by ketamine. We need to keep pushing the system until our voices/concerns are heard. That’s just my take anyway.


Wait… They had something against a ketamine nasal spray and then recommended Spravato??? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Omfg I didn’t think I was going to be able to laugh today but I totally laughed at that oxymoronic nonsense. Wow…

I’ve not yet tried ECT. How is that? I was afraid of it given movie depiction but have heard ppl say it works. Not for u tho, I gather.

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In terms of abuse, we have prescription! It’s not the same. Plus u know what’s super addictive psych meds? Gordon!!! But they still prescribe it no questions asked even tho the withdrawal symptoms are incredibly severe! I had to stop ketamine lozenges for to weeks to assess a different medical issue and there were zero withdrawal symptoms. I didn’t restart the ketamine till the doctor assessing that said it was ok, too!

Sorry, I meant Geodon is super addictive. My auto incorrect took over.

Yes the ketamine spray I use is very similar to Spravato. Spravato was somewhat stronger effect, it’s probably a bigger dose of ketamine (eketamine) because they engineered a way to take out the psychedelic effects during treatment. But Spravato is much more expensive, so much so that people without health insurance couldn’t afford it. It did work well on me & had a longer lasting anti-depressant effect than my current spray. But I got into trouble because my insurance didn’t want to cover the large dosages I needed. But it’s good to know there’s something out there I could go back to if necessary.

The spray does seem to be a good delivery method. My current doctor just told me it’s quicker & more potent than lozenges. The spray goes right up the nasal system right to the brain!

As for ect, the only good thing I can say is it kept me alive for a long time (my depression can be bad & ect was effective) when there was nothing else. But now that ketamine is out there, I think it’s a sin that ect continues to be used!! :grin:

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The insurance can argue on your dosage??? Omg!!! Shouldn’t that be up to the doctors???

If it’s not psychedelic what is the point of the supervised visit? I thought that was the reason it was supervised.

Insurance - a doctor I was seeing once referred to them as the “insurance gods” LOL.

With Spravato, the psychedelic effects were minimal for me. There was no depersonalization effects. It was just kind of like being high on marijuana - really good mood & a little spacey. I actually enjoyed going for treatments. But I think because it’s a controlled substance, their afraid people will abuse it if they weren’t in a dr.'s office.

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Oh. Well the infusions will definitely give a psychedelic experience. It’s pretty fascinating to witness.

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Oh, I’ve tried the infusions too. I responded well to them, but after about the 8th treatment I experienced a real bad side effect. I think the dose was just too much for me - a few days after treatment I started to feel real weak/ on the verge of passing out which lasted for hours! I looked it up, & that matched the effects listed for ketamine overdose. I’ve been afraid of trying infusions again ever since. But it may just be that I’m 59 yrs. old & have a sensitive system. The psych effects of those infusions were definitely something to witness!!

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Oh wow! They ask me all the time how was last infusion, does dose need adjustment, etc. I’d imagine for your situation u could have your dose lowered, no?
I’m glad you are ok

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Thanks KetKat. I guess there are risks with everything , including ketamine treatments, but the results I’ve gotten are definitely worth the risks (I just have to minimize those risks when possible).:grin:

Hey KetKat, I feel that we have had remarkably similar histories of treatment and could really help each other alot with information. I’m still relatively new with osmind site, but if it’s allowed please email me at Thx.

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I spent years going thru the same type of treatment you went thru except mine was in trying to fill legitimate opioid prescriptions. I was angry, embarrassed etc. I spent 25 years of my life as a first responder which I thought at list entitled me to be listened to. Wrong.

Ignorance is not limited to politicians. It is a universal constant.

After several years of this I finally found a pain mgmt dr and pharmacy that would listen.

I am sorry this happened to you. I know how you feel.

The drug may be Ketamine but it is being treated the same as opioids are the in the medical community.

Most importantly the medical community is not concerned for your health they are worried about sanctions and investigations by DEA and the rest of the medical community.

You can thank the CDC for publishing the initial “guidelines” which they later tried to explain away.

Again sorry

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Don’t even get me going on opioids. I was forced to change doctors after my PCP retired. He used to write me a script for a small number of vicodin every 6 months for a chronic lumbar disk condition. The new “doctor” says there’s a better way to treat this, and immediately starts talking about injections in my spine, not even having reviewed my records or MRI. When I declined, he then started talking about a contract that would have required that I be subjected to random drug testing. I told him to stuff it. Guess I still need a new doctor.