Salt Lakers

It seems that there are (at least) 4 of us in the area. Just to consolidate the messaging in one area…here it is.

I am still interested in getting together just to laugh and cry together and compare notes. No judgement, just camaraderie. Breakfast, lunch, dinner…coffee in the middle of the night (I get up at 3am), I’m game.

I have dietary restrictions, but that has never stopped me from getting together with friends. No one should let that be a deterrent. I don’t. I have learned how to work with it.

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Wish I was closer. I’m in south Florida and looking for community. It can be very lonely,
Especially going thru the transformation with ketamine.

I heared that. That’s part of wanting to find people in my area. Online is great. I love all y’all, but flesh and blood has a certain something that virtual doesn’t.

Never give up! As much as I am uncomfortable with some of the implications…Learn to fly or die trying…(Insert humor here…in reference to songs I have been listening to, unrelated to ketamine), Root hog or die.

I have one non-Osmind friend that is getting ketamine therapy somewhere that isn’t where I get it. We talk from time to time, but he happens to be out of the country for a week or so. Dammit.

As far as lonely goes, I decided that ketamine is bigger than lonliness. My job includes a lot of help from volunteer involvement. When I have a volunteer that talks about struggles with mental health, I whip out my fundamentalist childhood training and proceed to give the “Come to Ketamine” speech, giving them contact info for my clinic…pretty much everything I do here (on Osmind). Don’t know if I have helped any of them, but it helps me, to feel that I have offered an option that they might not have thought of. It has also helped me to clarify what I am getting from it. Also, it has helped me on my psychedelia/mental health ‘coming out’. I try not to care what other people think (after all, they don’t do it very often), but I decided that while I don’t advertise my involvement, I don’t shy away from sharing from someone I think I might be able to help.

Nothing can make up for being in person with others that get you