Self care

I made dinner for myself tonight. It’s been years. Nothing special but it beat wandering around the kitchen looking for anything to eat.

Ketamine is a strong drug. I was depressed but only for a few days. I get anxious but not as much as I would without ketamine.


Good for you! In more ways than one. Cooking and eating are therapeutic.

I used to work in healthcare (17 years). Then I went to culinary school and started over (another 17 years).

I grew up learning how to cook. We were a '50s family in the '70s. It still astounds me when I hear people rhapsodizing about home cooked meals. Don’t get me wrong, but eating out (even Micky Dee’s) was maybe once a month, if that. When I moved out, I started cooking for myself (and roommates, when had them).

I am firmly convinced and truly believe that food is medicine. Should be taken regularly. Makes a hell of a difference. No matter how bad things are, if I remember to eat, I know I feel much better.

Nutrition is important. Maybe someday I will understand Traditional Chinese Medicine. I really do believe that what goes in affects what happens on the inside.