Side effects of ketamine infusion

I’ve noticed some strange side effects post infusion and wanted to share them/ add them to the pool of experiences here.
1 - Taste - Everything tastes awful in the hours immediately after infusion. This is very consistent. Happens almost every time
2 - Smell - I noticed this one for the first time last night. Normally snuggling up to my wife and smelling her is heaven. Last night her scent was “off”.
3 - Mild discomfort / pain when urinating. Usually gone by the next day. I’ve read about bladder problems recreational users may get.
4 - This one may or may not be new. I just thought I noticed it when waking today. No morning wood/tumescence.
Note: the order above is random

I experience increased urination frequency and amount. Also some dehydration so must drink lots of water even tho I might pee a lot.

Ketamine induced cystitis is a known side effect from excessive ketamine use, so there’s a known relationship between the bladder and the drug. I’ve learned not to drink anything for several hours before an infusion. :roll_eyes: Never noticed an impact on my sense of smell, although I have sometimes noticed some residual colors in my visual field.


I fast from the night before for infusions. I think I need to space out my use of lozenges. I’m supposed to be able to use them every day but I don’t think my body likes that. I have had a history of urinary issues since I was 18 so I think that’s part of my problem.

Regarding the smell and taste issues, I noticed the evening after my recent infusion that I could smell the ketamine inside my head. It was a distinct chemical smell, and I have no doubt that it would have an impact on the senses of smell and taste. I would guess that it’s related to dosage (I’m over one gram/Kg), so I suspect that the body reacts to it somewhat like alcohol in that it’s expelled in the breath as well as in urine. Just a guess, because I am certainly no expert.

At first my only side effect was severe nausea and lightheadedness and now I’ve had four infusions and have skipped too because of extenuating circumstances and I’m starting to feel pretty lousy which is scary because what happens after I have my sixth treatment am I going to have these feelings of withdrawal and feeling lousy because I’m not getting ketamine. I know it’s suggested that you go back for boosters but I really can’t afford anymore anybody have any suggestions or insights

The only real side effect I’m noticing is some urinary irritation - a little bit of pain + increased urgency + increased frequency. I’ve been trying to drink more water and deliberately void more frequently post-infusion to minimize problems.