Side effects of ketamine infusion

I’ve noticed some strange side effects post infusion and wanted to share them/ add them to the pool of experiences here.
1 - Taste - Everything tastes awful in the hours immediately after infusion. This is very consistent. Happens almost every time
2 - Smell - I noticed this one for the first time last night. Normally snuggling up to my wife and smelling her is heaven. Last night her scent was “off”.
3 - Mild discomfort / pain when urinating. Usually gone by the next day. I’ve read about bladder problems recreational users may get.
4 - This one may or may not be new. I just thought I noticed it when waking today. No morning wood/tumescence.
Note: the order above is random

I experience increased urination frequency and amount. Also some dehydration so must drink lots of water even tho I might pee a lot.

Ketamine induced cystitis is a known side effect from excessive ketamine use, so there’s a known relationship between the bladder and the drug. I’ve learned not to drink anything for several hours before an infusion. :roll_eyes: Never noticed an impact on my sense of smell, although I have sometimes noticed some residual colors in my visual field.


I fast from the night before for infusions. I think I need to space out my use of lozenges. I’m supposed to be able to use them every day but I don’t think my body likes that. I have had a history of urinary issues since I was 18 so I think that’s part of my problem.

Regarding the smell and taste issues, I noticed the evening after my recent infusion that I could smell the ketamine inside my head. It was a distinct chemical smell, and I have no doubt that it would have an impact on the senses of smell and taste. I would guess that it’s related to dosage (I’m over one gram/Kg), so I suspect that the body reacts to it somewhat like alcohol in that it’s expelled in the breath as well as in urine. Just a guess, because I am certainly no expert.