So I am mystified

Juliaww posted an account of a very real and traumatic event in her life and it gets flagged??!? Please, somebody explain this to me. It seems that this member of our community needs compassion from us, not censorship!!


Sorry @Sojourner!! That was an auto flag for some reason, I just removed it. Thank you for letting me know!!


Thank you, Lucia! My faith is restored…


We definitely want to be here for each other!


Thank you! I saw it had been flagged and felt terrible… but then I notice it was restored.

I thought perhaps the topic of suicide was just going too far in here — but then again let’s face it, it’s a part of life in our broad society - unfortunately. As Gary Gulman says, “depression kills.” Or it can. (He’s actually a comedian; that’s not one of his funnier lines). :wink:
Check out his “The Great Depresh.”

I wish it were not a part of my life, especially the ideation in my own child - the apple of my eye - just awful. But it’s reality that I must deal with.

Thanks for being open to it, all!

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It happened to Juliawww’s post again, Lucia! There’s definitely a bug in the system here…


Oh my gosh, I think our system might be censoring some words or something. Looking into it so we can make this right. I’m very sorry @Sojourner and @Juliawww


To be fair, and with great sympathy to you @Juliawww, many support groups I’ve been to make the decision to avoid the subject altogether precisely because it is so common/triggering in cases of severe depression. I’m not big on TW/censorship, but I do think there’s some sense in having this rule. Although of course it comes with the territory; usually I think a good policy is to allow high-level discussion about suicidal ideation, but not anything more concrete than that even as it relates to others. You should of course always find someone else you can personally confide in instead. I’m not a moderator lol, so this is just a friendly suggestion.

Hi Ebigram,

Oh, I just read this. Thank you for the feedback. My post was initially deleted and then restored. So not sure what to do now… don’t think I can do anything.

I only just posted an update about how my son is doing after his first infusion. I’m sorry if you… or anyone was triggered by any earlier post. If so, let me or I guess a moderator, better yet, know.

Certainly didn’t mean to trigger anyone. My thinking was that there are people with treatment-resistant depression who have had experiences with these thoughts or maybe beyond… i won’t go there now.

I will say that my personal belief is as a society, we do no one any favors by the way this topic is so taboo. It’s not mentioned in most obituaries, eg. Why not? If depression is a cause, why is that not as relevant as say, heart disease?

Oh I forgot. Depression is shameful. Stigmatized. :frowning:

I hope society changes its thinking on this, but meantime I do apologize if anything I posted offended you or anyone. I am going to try to keep any future posts about his treatment and how he’s doing. Fingers crossed!

Best of luck to u and everyone!


AMEN Julia!!!


Oh I agree with you 100% with the stigma and generally the overall sentiment of not sweeping under the rug. I didn’t know the particulars of your case and so was careful to speak in generalities. Of course I’m not offended by anything you said, and i think the issue isn’t really a matter of hurting ones overly sensitive sensibilities or to thought police everything in to a dystopian safe zone. It just happens that even before the idea of triggering has become so overused and diluted that it has become a meaningless meme, people who’ve had PTSD from extremely adverse circumstances might actually go out of their way to avoid anything that could rekindle that fight or flight response. The S word is particularly tricky because some, especially those who are high-risk or have a history work hard to eliminate those thoughts. It is for this reason, even in support groups that specialize in self-harm or a history, they discourage discussion of that topic matter in a group setting. I think it’s counterintuitive because it would seem very freeing or cathartic to be able to get those experiences/thoughts of your chest. But what they found in studying the almost virulent spread, as it is precisely engaging with it and entertaining it which gives people a false sense of comfort which can backfire.

I have more familiarity with this subject than I care to divulge here, both personally and running my own support group. Not going to chastise or tell them what/how to say, and no I’m not affected or offended by anything that was said at all. I just like to offer my humble experience that it’s tricky, and perhaps practitioners who specialize in this patient group also have reasons for reaching that conclusion.